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Aquashine is a simple, unique and proven solution to hard water. It is a customer friendly computer controlled water conditioner.

Aquashine can be applied with benefits for residential, Industrial, agriculture and where ever water is used as one of the process.

Aquashine is 9001:2008 ISO certified.

Aquashine is at inception stage at present. We are committed to find better solutions to most common water problems faced by everyone today. Hard and acidic water do irretrievable damage to residential, industrial and in agriculture sector in India and other countries. We provide innovative solutions to use natural elements by transforming hard water to usable water by making everyone’s life simple.

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Aqaushine Water Conditioner System
Santoshnagar, Katraj, Pune - 411 046

Mobile : +91-842-160-8485
Email : sanjay@aquashine.net

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